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Lone Ranger

Pc Game

Zürcher hochschule der künste

Genre: Shooting

Work: From scratch to a Published Game

Role: Game Designer, 2D & 3D Artist, Programmer

Game Link: Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger was the first game I published where I was the sole designer and developer for the game. I was more focused on programming the game to get acquainted with C# language. With a simple story, basic graphics and complicated coding, I developed this Strategy + Shooting fun game.

You can play the game at 

Game Story

There is a building in front of you which is on fire (time limit). There are hostages & terrorists inside. You are a cop in a helicopter with a 360 degree view and your goal is to shoot the terrorist and save the hostages using the clues provided. 

Game Mechanics
rules diff1.jpg
rules diff2.jpg
Game development in Unity

. The graphics are not that impressive because the main focus of the project was Game mechanics and Unity programming. Everything is done by me from conceptualisation to programming to 3D development.

Final Screenshots
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