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Little Krishna 

Mobile Game

Reliance Games, Zapak Mobile Games Pvt Ltd

Genre: Runner Game

Target group: Small kids

Work: Extending the characters & Add ons for the game

Role: Game Designer

Google Play link: Little krishna

Project 02

Screenshots from the Game

Project 02
Project 02

Little Krishna is a runner game which was in its Beta version when I joined Reliance. I helped as a designer to improvise it in various aspects and now its launched on Google Play with downloads above 1 million.


In this game, the player plays as the darling of Vrindavan - The mischievous Little Krishna. The player has to help him escape angry Chandrika who caught him stealing her Makhan, with the help of magical power-ups. 

What I did...

I started with making a Mind Map on the existing game with every single detail plus the things that I thought that could be integrated

Little_Krishna copy.png

Features in the Game that I worked on:

Concept of Characters and Add Ons   +   Their look and Screen layout   +   Daily quest

Project 02
Project 02
Project 02
Project 02

New characters:

-   Warrior Krishna

-   Mighty Krishna

-   Supreme Krishna

They are Armoured

These Armors or Add ons are found in a blue mystery box. Each character has 7 add ons which the player needs to collect.

Look: Add on's looks

Their placement in the game screen

Player's interaction with them when they find it

Daily Quest: Each day there is a word collecting challenge for the player and once he completes it, he is rewarded. On the 5th day he receives a Super mystery box.

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