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Breathing Origami Lamp

Interaction Design 

Material: Paper, Plastic, Arduino, Sensor

Role: Interaction Designer

Breathing Origami Ball combining Paper with Electronics which gets activated a soon as somebody moves closer to it.

The project is a based on the combination of paper and electronics. The product uses the ability of a paper to fold when it’s been touched. It was based on the concept of reaction to external stimulus seen in nature. For example in the case of a “Touch me not” plant when touched or interacted with change their stance and fold.

Project 02
Project 02
Project 02

Click on the video for sound.

Turning the paper into origami heightens its ability to be flexible. It provides it with a facility of changing its shape and coming back to original. On the other hand, electronics are very rigid but can make things sense and move.  Combining both a slight up and down movement can be achieved without even touching it resembling the breathing effect.


So the final outcome “Breathing Origami” is a sensory product, which seems like it starts breathing as soon as you go near it and make it sense your presence. After a while it stops and comes back to its original shape. A light is placed inside to convert it into an interactive lamp.

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