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Dragon & the Fireflies

Mobile Game Concept

National Institute of Design

Genre: Strategy & puzzle 

Work: Adobe Photoshop, Flash

Role: Game Designer, 2D Artist, Animator

Worked in a Team of three to create a Game Concept


Baby dragon cracks out of his egg and finds himself alone and lost in the dark forest. But he has fireflies to help him through various obstacles and guide him reach back home.


Game Objective:

Control the baby dragon as well as the fireflies to make the dragon reach home safely.

Game Controls: 

Move the dragon by clicking the button on the bottom left. Create paths with your finger using the fireflies wherever there are obstacles. The fireflies will form a line and move along your finger. The dragon can then walk upon the fireflies and cross the obstacle.

Game Over:

If the dragon runs into an obstacle the game ends.

Game Concept Screens

Project 02
Project 02
Project 02
Project 02
Project 02
Project 02
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