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3D Game Environment

Pc Game Environment

Zürcher hochschule der künste

Genre: Puzzle 

Work: Autodesk Maya and Adobe Premiere Pro

Role: Game Designer, 3D Environment, Artist

A creative, imaginative 3D project where I created a complex game environment. The final output was a video from the player's perspective, who is lost, scared and is trying to escape this place. In doing so, the player explores all the corners of the space. 
The environment is inspired by the PC game Naissance, which based on a similar theme but my imagination comes into place when after a point in the video, you see a complete contrast of the first part - the second part or the Rewrap
Inspiration Game - Naissance

Few Screenshots from the original game


My color inspiration for the second part of the video (Rewrap)

Concept Elements

For the final creation, I thought of few elements which can be incorporated in my environment and then I built upon it further while actually developing it.

Autodesk Maya

The 3D Game environment development as well as the animation was done in Autodesk Maya 2016

Environment Screenshots

I created a huge cubic, sharp edged architecture which gives the player the feeling of being alone and lost. The game does not involve a lot of texture but the light and shadow play an important role within the environment. I played mostly with its contrasts.

Rewrap Screenshots

I used graffitis with vibrant colors for the Rewrap because the whole game was in tints and shades of grey. The texture is more techno color and street style with little roughness and bricked walls, instead of plain grey but it still maintains the original essence.

Final Video

The environment video has fast camera movement because this game involves being locked in a mysterious and cubical universe all alone. As a result of this environment, the tendency of running frantically and fast increases.

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