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Idle Battle Game

Iphone/Ipad/Android Game 

Chimpworks B.V

Team size: 5

Target group: 13+, casual players

Duration: 6months

Work: Game balancing, Monetisation, Economy design, Game meta

Role: Game Designer & Project Manager

Game not released yet (unannounced project)

Project Description: 

A game about collecting and discovering heroes and factions that each possess their own unique & simple 3D art style. Collect Aliens, humans and several other factions to add to your card collection. Unleash your army in the battle field and let them do the fight for you. You can make your army stronger activating their abilities during the battles.

Simple core loop
Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 11.52.41 PM.png
Roles and responsibilities

Elaborated Core loop: 

Designed the complete game mechanics which included:

  • Sources & sinks of soft/medium/hard currency

  • Sources & sinks of entire gacha

  • Pacing mechanics

  • Points where the daily quest & events will fit well later in the game 

Gacha system:

Designed the

  • depth & width

  • factions in the game

  • characters in each faction

  • character upgrade system using soft currency 

  • stats and things being affected by each upgrade

  • character promote system (ascension)

  • process and stats being affected by each promotion

Pacing Mechanics:

Designed the pacing in the game using

  • Time         - (once stuck, wait for offline currency to gather more resources)

  • Luck          - (gacha system, random chance on getting higher rarities)

  • Stats         - ( characters can be upgraded, they make the army stronger)

  • Currencies - (hard currency can be used to buy progression)​

Game Ecomony
  • Research

I started with researching the economy for the game and thought about "How do I create a game that lasts for years?

  • Define

Defined the progression

Defined the pacing

Defined the unlocking of factions & worlds

Defined the character development

  • Scale

Ensured that the Mechanics, Sessions, Content and Economy can scale for 2 years atleast.

- Both for heavy spenders and the players ready to invest time through grinding

- Through figuring out cost vs consumption

I can show the game & share further details only in an interview 

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