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Global Goals Jam 2018


Digital Society School

Work: Designing for the bigger cause

Role: Game Designer


The Global Goals Jam is a three-day event consisting of short design sprints. Creative multidisciplinary teams work together on local challenges, using a tailored design method toolkit provided by the Digital Society School. All teams create interventions aimed at short-term targets in support of the long-term Sustainable Development Goals.

We were a team of 4 people from different countries and backgrounds, who worked together to achieve a goal in 3 days.

Short Term Design Challenge

Make Amsterdam resilient to climate change by making people aware about the increasing threat from floods

Long Term Sustainable Development Goal
DlSQ7evX0AIWTtd copy.jpg


1. Started with planning and writing out the goals, values and skills for the team

PHOTO-2018-09-23-11-46-19 2.jpg

2. Brainstorming session on Amsterdam, disasters and floods


3. Created a timeline and actors map for our problem

PHOTO-2018-09-22-20-54-32 2.jpg

4. Collecting insights from the research



People in Amsterdam are unaware about their neighborhood, which could be very useful in times of flood 



Know your Neighborhood 

A fun puzzle game which can be played with your neighbors out in the open, which in turn might help you know about them and your surroundings

5. Developing the Final Solution and Story boarding

PHOTO-2018-09-23-15-34-10 2_edited.jpg

6. Creating elements for the game in the Maker's lab


7. Creating the Game trailer video


8. Presentation


It's 2030 and due to climate change, the sea has reached worrying levels and the Netherlands is flooded. Most parts of Amsterdam are under water and people are in panic all around the city. Gather your neighbors to reach a safe haven.

The task is to use your skills to solve the clues and complete the journey with your group

Game Trailer
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