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Auto chess battler

Iphone/Ipad/Android Game 

Chimpworks BV

Genre: Auto battler

Target group: 13+

Work: Game balancing, Monetization, Character traits

Role: Game Designer

Game is in testing phase (unannounced)

The auto chess battler is in soft launch currently, and hence I can't reveal too much about the game. Although what I can tell is my work on the game as a Game Designer.

My Input:

The base of the game was already set. I started by creating another game mode/event for the game.

- Events:

The multiplayer event creation involved figuring out game mechanics like difficulty curve of the levels, rating system for the players, enemy generation based on the rating system, difficulty level of the enemies, quests & monetization. The new event had to be well adjusted in the core loop of the game.  

- Offers/Monetization:

Next I started researching about the trends in offers & daily deals and implemented the same in the game.

- Character Traits:

All the characters in the game have some passive abilities to make the battle look cooler and engaging. I decided on what these abilities would be and which character would possess them.


Game balancing, FTUEs, etc

Method: SCRUM

Softwares: Unity, Asana, Github, Sourcetree

I can show the game & share further details in an interview

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