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Who lives in this House?
Maker's Sprint

Digital Society School, Amsterdam

Work: Designing for the bigger cause

Role: Designer


Maker's Sprint was a three day event in Digital Society School where we worked in teams of four to create awareness among people about a current situation in Amsterdam.

Problem Statement

Create Awareness among people about the isolated women in the age group of 45-65 years of the Nieuw West area of Amsterdam.

- First day: Understanding about the problem, Brainstorming and finalising the Concept

- Second day: Building the prototype in the Maker’s lab

- Third day: Presenting


A small two player game, where players sit across each other and build a house with the blocks that they are provided with. After completing, they decide together Who lives in this house that they build, from the 4 profiles provided.
Also the house is color coded with each color representing education, employment, family and social circle.



We started with cutting two houses, one of which was a perfect cut while the other one was uneven and poorly cut.

This was then followed by spray painting the blocks with different colors, as each color represented a different aspect of life. Next we created 4 profiles for the users to guess which house belongs to whom.

This game was designed to look through the stereotype that people create in their minds and make them aware about the situation of the Nieuw west women of Amsterdam by using empathy as a tool

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