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Idle Incremental Game

Iphone/Ipad/Android Game 

Chimpworks BV

Genre: Idle games

Target group: 13+

Work: Game balancing & mechanics

Role: Game Designer

Game is in testing phase (unannounced)

The Idle game what I worked on is in the testing phase currently, and hence I can't reveal too much about the game. Although what I can tell is my work on the game as a Game Designer and elaborate more in the interview.

My Input:

I majorly worked on balancing & managing the game, like figuring out the values & curves for upgrade costs, multipliers, growth, and prestige. It was important to establish the bottleneck in an 

Our game is based on the theme of selling different items on each stage & these items will gradually change with each prestige.

- Production station: Each station has a worker and a manager responsible for producing the item.

- Selling station: One station per stage. Also consisted of a worker & manager responsible for selling items to the customer 

- Carriers: They are the middle men responsible for carrying the product from production to selling station

All these station workers & managers are upgradable by using soft currency

Incremental games tend to focus on two primary mechanics: 

  • Autonomous growth 

  • Active player engagement

These two things were covered by designing & managing the customer system in the game

The most important & interesting part of the game was to manage the customers & their demands. I loved balancing this core as it included careful thinking about: 

- how many customers should come to the station

- at what intervals

- which products should they ask for

- how many products should they ask for etc.



Working Method: SCRUM

Softwares: Unity, Asana, Github, Sourcetree

I can show the game & share further details in an interview

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