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Anushree Jain

Game Designer

I am a creative professional with more than 7 years of design knowledge yet eager to learn more tricks of the trade. I spent a lot of time studying design & slowly realised my passion & curiosity towards creating games. Over the years, I have learnt many things and worked independently and collaboratively assembling a diverse portfolio of designs.

What makes me passionate about the games is the combination of technology and creativity and how multiple disciplines come together to create an interactive experience. I love designing puzzle, strategy, casual and hyper casual games.

Gaming projects


Other projects

How to make information more accessible for ex-offenders to reduce crime?
In this project, we aimed to design a product to help ex-offenders stick to their desired behaviour intentions. We explored how data can be collected and how it can be communicated clearly.

Me and my team worked towards creating a tool that informs them of their aggressive state so that they may release or reduce it in order to aid them in their reintegration process

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